I couldn’t believe that it’s been more than 2 years since I last logged into wordpress….. Geez! Did I have nothing to say? Or I have found a new place to blog? Hmm…. kind of kind of 😉 Oh well, guess Sina Weibo 新浪微博 (micro blog) is my new found place to blog, almost everyday….. wait a minute~ you can’t consider it as a blog right? You can only write 140 word there!!! Eh.. Hem….  140 word in Chinese are not too bad, you know?

I must say that the world of Weibo is amazing; I met so many friends (most of them are vegetarian ;p) and have since visited Guangzhou in April 2011, & Beijing in May this year. Guess what? Hubby has decided to become a vegetarian after coming back from Guangzhou last year, influenced by the group of vegetarian friends~Not too bad huh?

I’m looking forward to visit others in Xiamen, Yunnan, Sichuan in the years to come….. but first I must think of how to save more $$$ to travel~~

(It’s been more than 4 years since I became a Vegetarian, please give a pat on my shoulder and say “well done”, Quick!!)


Have I ever thought that I would one day stay at home & become a full-time mother? Hmm… interesting… Guess I have thought of it before but never expected it would be like… now.

It’s been almost 2 weeks since I became a full-time mother, started on Women’s day.. what a significant date! Well… it’s been…. quite relaxing actually. Couple of lunch sessions, plus an afternoon tea meeting with friends.

However…. (yes.. however) I foresee the toughest period lays in front of me when my domestic helper goes back home for 3 weeks starting Apr 5…. I’m already having headache thinking of it now. The lesson learnt is, not to depend too much on the domestic helpers, as one will lose the abilities to do house work, to bathe the kids, to prepare sumptuous meals… etc. I have no choice now but to cope with it when the time comes 🙂 Please pray for me…. Amitabha!

(Dar Dar & Dar Di, please be cooperative during the 3 weeks when Jie Jie is not around. Mama sure doesn’t wish to scream her lungs out….. )

Last week was the coolest week I’ve ever experienced in KL…. Oh, wait a minute.. I mean practically “coolest” weather. It started since Monday, Nov 16. Guess the sky above was feeling real sad and decided to cry non-stop. The temperature dropped to 23 degree celsius at day time. Yes, it did feel like Autumn…. and how I miss the Autumn so much…

My first ever Autumn was spent in Millersville in 1993, subsequently my 2nd & 3rd Autumn in 1994 & 1995 as well. I’ve never seen the leaves changed colors ever since. Oh, no no.. the leaves still changes colors in Millersville, I’m sure. It’s just that I have never gone back to the States after leaving on a jet plane in July 1996… that’s more than 13 years ago. Sometimes I do hope there’re 4 seasons in Malaysia…

The colors of Autumn is simply amazing… Green is my favourite color, but when the leaves changed into vibrant Orange, Yellow, & Red, it’s just like adding blusher on a pale cheek, just irresistible. Those great colors, those kind people, those unforgettable memories..

 (Will I ever go back to visit again? I don’t know… I seriously hope I will… one fine day..)

3 Days… that’s how short the little kitten’s life was in this world. “Meow Meow” gave birth to 3 little kittens on April 6, 2 didn’t make it on the same day. This little fighter however, made it through the first day.

Yes, “Meow Meow” is my cat. She came to our house un-invitedly on Dec 29 last year. She looked too pretty to be a stray cat but somehow, she has no place to go. Nobody looking for her either.

We were a bit worried when her tummy got bigger. But hey, what the heck. We thought she would take care of the kittens. And we’re wrong. In conclusion, “Meow Meow” is just a teenager… she just didn’t know what to do with her own babies. Hmm.. can you believe she actually chose to sleep under the car than to nurse the kittens?

So, this little fighter made it through the first day. We actually forced “Meow Meow” to sleep with this little fella on the first night. Reluctantly, she did. The kitten was sleeping so peacefully with the mom around. However, she refused to come inside our house yesterday. Yes, she wouldn’t eat either. Poor little kitten was crying for mom last night, and Komphek (my domestic helper) and I took turns to bottle feed him. (Yes, it was a boy) Stroked him gently using a piece of cloth. He was feeling better and fell asleep.

The little fighter was still ok when I left the house in the morning. I said to him:” Be brave and stay alive ok?”. He looked really tiny and fragile. I seriously was hoping he could live longer. Guess he was just not meant to be staying in this world. Komphek told me he had stopped breathing at around 2pm when I called back in the afternoon. I was really sad..  I went back home and saw the tiny life-less body, but I still tried to wake him up by stroking his back. I cried. He wouldn’t wake up anymore. I have to accept the fact… We wrapped the kitten with a piece of cloth, covered with jasmine flowers. Yes, we buried him at the small garden in front of our house. “Meow Meow” was with us when we performed the ritual.

Dear Little Fighter, even though you life was short, but you will always have a place in my heart. I had never tried feeding such a tiny fella like you. The feeling was simply amazing! Remember to be strong and brave, and remain a fighter when you come to this world again.

Om Amideva Hrih.

(I didn’t have a photo of the kitten. I could tell you he was rather cute.)

“Finally you have tied the knot, when are you going to have a baby? “ The most popular question I received after I got married….. “Wow, Hongren is a big boy now, so when are you going to have another baby?” hmm…. another popular question I received after my first son turned 1 year old… “Wow, 2 boys now,  when are you going to to try for a baby girl huh?” ………… Do I have a “PIG” printed on my forehead… sometimes I wonder. Oh, no no no,  please don’t get me wrong. I love children. No doubt about that. They are the most adorable creatures in the whole wide universe. I swear.

Imagine reaching home after a hard day work, hearing “Mama” from the purest voice, following by a great tiny hug from Hongren, oh…. what more could I ask for? (My Yuanda is learning how to talk now, and one day he will do the same as his brother 🙂 I hope… ha!) Oh yes, I used to hate Barney. As I could not understand why all the children liked the big.. clumpsy.. purple.. thingy..  Well the “law of attractions” says we should not hate something as it will come to you. I totally agree. As now I’m watching Barney with Hongren and have since learnt few songs from the series. I hum “I love you, You love me, we are happy family….” all the time now. Amazing.

When is baby number 3 coming? Maybe in another 2 years? My hubby and I actually don’t mind if baby number 3 is another boy. Most importantly is a healthy & happy baby 🙂 Well, age is catching up. Perhaps we’ll stop at 2. Who knows?

(I love you.. you love me.. we are happy family.. with the great big hugs.. and a kiss from me to you.. won’t you say you love me too…)

yao-siting姚斯婷的声音。。。像杯Cabernet Sauvignon,淡淡苦涩中带微微的甜,让人欲罢不能。。。不晓得是去年的那天,在家乡的一家唱片行听到了她的歌声,一开始还以为是那位西方歌手,就向店员讯问。。。 “这是最后一片了,每每播她的歌,就卖的好像热蛋糕!“也许我耳根子太软了,轻易的信了他的话。。。 或许我太“怕输”了,天晓得。无论如何,这盘Love II光碟实在非常好听,我真心强力推荐。。。

Where’s My Love

Where is my love? The one for me.. Somewhere too far not close enough for me to see

Where is my love? Who could you be.. Someone I knew but let slip through while dreaming of you

Oh love… oh love… come to me

Where is my love? Give me a clue.. Give me a time, show me a place I might find you

Where is my love? Don’t hide from me.. I’ll be good to you I will honestly

Oh love… oh love… come to me

Where is my love? The one for me.. Somewhere too far not close enough for me to see

Where is my love? And now I see.. Hoping someday you’ll bring the lovely ending

Oh love… oh love… come to me

Oh love… oh love… come to me

My car number is 1010. Well, most people would have guess it’s either a birth date or an anniversary. Well, this car actually belongs to my hubby thus it can’t be my birth date… Yes, our registration day was in October 10, 7 years ago. Gosh, time does fly!

Actually the number plate meant more than that. The funny thing is both my hubby and I didn’t realize that until a friend brought it up to my hubby one day, “Hey, your car number plate is so meaningful, Perfect Love 10/10!!” Interesting eh? (He was driving the car few years ago)

Our wedding in Penang was 6 years ago, today ~ Oct 19. Well I must say it was a beautiful and most memorable event. Sea breeze (it’s partly open air).. jazz band (played romantic songs).. good food (buffet western).. great crowd (my family & friends, Samantha & Geoff who came all the way from UK).. cool restaurant (32 which is by the beach, yes, it’s still around) .. beautiful deco (Fresh flowers such as button poms & white daisies every where).. What more could I ask for?

Ah…. October is so romantic….

(Maybe I can consider to organize a 10th Anniversary Dinner?? 🙂 Gotta start saving for it now….)